Fire Pit pitfalls

With the good weather finally here, Fire pits will soon be in use. Over 5,000 people per year are injured mostly from falling into them. Many are severe burns. Here are some helpful hints to keep your family safe this Summer:

Keep the area around the fire pit free from items/wood/debris that someone could trip over.

Keep the areas surrounding the fire pit clear of brush, dead vegetation, or dry vegetation. A good rule of thumb is to allow for a 10- to 20-foot circle cleared of flammable vegetation around the fire pit. If a fire pit accident does happen, this will prevent the problem from escalating.
Do not place the fire pit under low-hanging trees.

Purchase a spark screen for the fire pit, and use it every time to avoid fire pit accidents.

Do not use lighter fluid to start the fire pit. In the event of a fire pit accident, the presence of lighter fluid can allow the flames to spread very quickly.

Never attempt to move a fire pit that is in use. Only move a fire pit that is cold

Protect yourself and your family from wood fire pit accidents by using a log grabber or poker whenever the fire pit is ignited.

Keep a fire extinguisher and garden hose easily accessible while using the fire pit. If a spark escapes through the screen, the fire extinguisher and garden hose can prevent fire pit accidents from spreading.