Property Damage- Auto Insurance

I could never cause $100,000 of damage…. could I? Yes, and then some. Part 4 of the Massachusetts Auto policy is Property Damage. It pays for anything you damage whether it’s another car, a fence, a fire hydrant, telephone pole or anything else. We see many polices that only have […] Read more »

What is Accident Forgiveness and Why do I Need it?

The Accident Forgiveness endorsement has been around for approximately ten years. It’s scary how many policies we see that don’t have it. What is does is simple: Your current insurance company agrees not to charge for an at fault accident going forward. Without the Accident Forgiveness endorsement you would have […] Read more »

7 Car Maintenance Tips for Safe Summer Travel

If you are planning to travel by car this summer, take these steps to help avoid ending up on the side of the road: Make sure your car is in good shape so it won’t break down, A properly maintained car gets you where you want to go, and saves you money getting there.  Here’s […] Read more »

Are You Buying Your Auto and Home Insurance Through Your Employer?

Are you buying your Auto and Home Insurance through your Employer where you get a group discount? Is it really an “Employee Benefit?”  – Most times is not even close.  Most people think that when you buy Auto and Home Insurance through an Employer sponsored group they get a discount. It’s true […] Read more »

Why do my Auto Insurance premiums continue to increase? Three simple words: Texting and Driving!

You knew the answer…..didn’t you? Regardless of where you buy your Auto Insurance, rates have gone up and will continue to increase. Smartphones have made it easy for us to stay connected at all times. But that can pose serious safety risks if someone decides to check his or her […] Read more »