Apartment and Condo Owners Insurance Policies for Single Units & Complexes

Condominium associations are constantly under stress due to the many complex issues facing unit owners. How does the Master policy affect the coverage on the buildings? Where is the dividing line between what the association is responsible for and what the unit owner needs to cover? How does the deductible get applied?

Apartment and condo owners know that keeping the homes of their customers safe is a tall order. Apartment and condominium residences are subject to all sorts of potential hazards at the hands of renters and owners. As the owner of the whole complex, you are the first one residents will look to in order to fix their problem.

The professionals at Russo Insurance will be able to tell you the best apartment and condo insurance for you needs – whether you own one small apartment building or several complexes. We will do so while keeping in mind the importance of getting that coverage at the best possible price.

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