Boat Insurance For Your Boat, Yacht, or Sailboat

As a boat owner, you may have more of a sense of safety than the rest your friends and family. You know about the different radios to get help, the distress signals, and how to read the weather for potential danger. But, do you know that the U.S. Coast Guard no longer tows boats on which no one’s life is in danger? The Coast Guard saves lives, not property. So, if your boat breaks down (as many boat owners know happens more than you would like), you need to pay for a tow.

The need for towing insurance is just one of the many variables boat owners need to consider when choosing the right boat insurance policy for them. At Russo Insurance, we understand that the commercial fisherman has different needs than the sailboat rider. We know which policy works best. Let the experienced staff at Russo Insurance help you determine what exactly you need on your boat insurance policy.

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