Russo Insurance: Service That Stands Out

By Jesika Gironsso
As Published in Business & Industry

Chris Russo BioRusso Insurance Agency of Medway likes to stand apart from the competition with a staff who go out of their way for clients in a way that no one expects of an insurance agency.

“It’s all about building relationships,” said President Chris Russo Jr. “We are the old-fashioned insurance agent that came to visit your parents at their home when they called.”

With a philosophy of providing better service than anyone else, the Russo Insurance staff seeks to go out of their way for their clients. “I challenge my staff everyday to do something for our clients that no other insurance agency would do” said Russo.

”I’m convinced that nobody services their clients better than the way we do,” he added.

Russo Insurance specializes in selling home, auto and umbrella insurance to individuals and families and a full line of commercial insurance products for small to midsize businesses. This makes their agency more specialized in these areas than other agencies that also sell health, life, disability insurance and financial services.

“You can’t be all things to all people. We are very focused on our core business lines,” said Russo. “We are constantly receiving referrals from attorneys, accountants and financial planners who have placed their trust in us.”

“It’s rare that I see a copy of an auto or homeowners policy without recommending changes,” he said.

For instance, for $160 per year, their popular umbrella policies add an additional $1 million of liability insurance over and above the current auto and homeowners insurance.

When people leave Russo Insurance, they understand all of their coverages and why they have them, said Russo.

“We show everyone all the different options available to them and make educated decisions together,” he said. “Often people leave our office with an umbrella policy and are still saving money compared to what they were paying elsewhere.

People work hard every day to provide good lives for their families,” Russo added. “No one wants to wake up and find out that they have to sell their house over a lawsuit”

The staff at Russo Insurance is very forward-thinking, and they work diligently to make sure that their clients are properly covered, said Russo.

With a catch phrase of “Why not us?” the staff at Russo Insurance ask themselves why anyone would settle for less than the service they offer to their clients.

Whether it be stopping by someone’s home to drop off license plates, seeing a house themselves to make sure the coverage is correct, or Russo himself meeting customers at their homes early in the morning or late at night, the staff at Russo Insurance agency goes out of their way for their clients every day. “Some other agents I talk to think I’m nuts when I tell them I meet with clients at 6 a.m. or 10 p.m. in their homes, at my office, where they work, or anywhere in between,” said Russo.

“You have to provide service to clients that is better than anybody else’s,” he said.

To learn more about Russo Insurance, call 508-533-3000.